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A Music RP

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A Music RP

Post  emeraldrafael on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:38 am

this is an rp about Music as a weapon. Think... Sirens mixed with that flute playing person that served Orochimaru in Naruto, that’s kinda close. Anyway, here’s the idea.

Lyrica City used to be a city of music and sound. Now, it sits quiet. The Harmonic industry rules the Lyrica and has passed law that no music at all shall exist. Sounds are outlawed, and no one may make one.
However, there are those who wish for music and sound to once again return. Born with special music abilities, these people are considered rebels, renegades, outlaws. Whether those with powers wish to use them to save sound, or simply live, is up to the user. However, each is hunted for Harmonic to either control, or silence. Permanantly.

Users have different powers based on the music genre they have inhabiting them. There can be Users with the same genre in them, and powers differ from User to User. You can either be an Outlaw User or a User under the Harmonic Industry. So... Template:

Outlaw or Harmonics~

Name~ Tone Metronic
Age~ 17
Appearance~ Dark Green t-shirt, Black Jeans, Black Tennis Shoes, Necklace with a pick on it and two drumsticks in pocket.
Genre~ Rock/Alt. Rock
Outlaw or Harmonics~ Outlaw
Bio~ The Second oldest of five. Watches out for his sister Melody, and hates the Harmonic for turning their brother Tempo from them. Lives in the streets as a wanted criminal, scrounging for a good and safe life for his family.

Name~ Melody Metronic
Age~ 14
Appearance~ White T shirt, black jeans, tennis shoes, a small harp on her back.
Genre~ Church/Spiritual
Outlaw or Harmonics~ Outlaw
Bio~ The Fourth Oldest of five. She travels with Tone, trying to help him help their mother and get Tempo back. She lives with Tone as a wanted criminal on the run, just giving her bother company.

Name~ Tempo Metronic
Age~ 17
Appearance~ Black baggy jeans with chains and metal loops, a black shirt and tennis shoes. Has a metal pick around his neck and two metal drumsticks.
Genre~ Metal
Outlaw or Harmonics~ Harmonics
Bio~ The Third Oldest of Five and Tone's twin brother. Born seconds after Tone, Tempo grew up in TOne's shadow. When the chance arose to become Harmonic's agent, he took the chance and escaped the slums. He now hunts his brother and sister to sever all ties.


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