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Fan Fiction/Roleplaying Guide

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Fan Fiction/Roleplaying Guide

Post  MenaceSG on Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:30 pm

These will hopefully answer some questions that you may have concerning FF/Roleplay:

What is a Fan Fiction? (FF)
A Fan Fiction is like a story. It allows you to write a chapter of a story you gave come up with without having to post the full book. If you wish to post your own book, you can.

How do I post my work?
Just create a new topic. If it's a Fan Fiction, put the title of it as the topic then put (FF). If it's a Roleplay, place the title of thr topic with RP beside it.

Can I have people critique my work?
Although people aren't here generally to critique, you may very well get either the Moderators of this Forum or some other people tell you what they like and dislike about it. They will be nice about it so please don't get upset over it.

How do I post the next chapter of my FF?
Just go further down in your topic and post your next chapter. This saves us from having a large amount of unused threads on the Forum.

How do I get people to join my RP?
There's no real way to get people to join your rp. However, make a topic that is interesting. Explain the setting and then introduce your character format. Remember not to focus on too much "self glory" for your character as the other people might not continue.

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